Murder Mystery – Death at the Funfair

Exmouth Pavilion and Moonstone Theatre Presents ...

Murder Mystery Dinner - Death at the Funfair


Veggie Spring Rolls with chilli dipping sauce

Fairground Tower Burger—Buttermilk chicken fillet with Bacon, Cheese and a hash brown.
Served with coleslaw, onion rings and wedges.
Plant Based Burger served with coleslaw, onion rings and wedges.

Apple cake with warm toffee sauce and cream
Chocolate Brownie and Ice cream (GF) OR Vegan Ice Cream

The Fun Fair was in town and everyone had been looking forward to visiting. However, this year, 1935, had seen a tragedy unfold when a body was discovered on the Ghost Train as the two-seater carriage came out from the attraction.
Local policeman Detective Chief Inspector Appleby had been called in to investigate. The deceased was found to be a local wealthy businessman who was well known in the town.
Whilst the fair was mainly attended by well behaved townsfolk, with the mix of visiting showmen, local youngsters, sailors and holiday folk this had given the event a reputation for drunken behaviour and fighting, Appleby was convinced that this was no random killing and that the solution to the death lay with those who had a clear motive. He also believed that the choice of the Ghost Train had a significance to both the killer and the victim.
His investigations had pared down his list of potential suspects and this weekend he had invited them all to the Exmouth Pavilion Theatre with the intention of getting to the bottom of the mystery.
As the evening unfolds secrets are revealed and long held grievances come to light. Tensions rise and there is a second death. Chief Inspector Appleby calls on the other guests at the theatre to help as he is determined to catch the killer or killers before the night is over.

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Murder Mystery -  Death at the Funfair